As a company leader, you understand the importance of having a cohesive team that is productive. Something that affects productivity is how well your workers communicate and get along with one another. A great way to promote these healthy working relationships is through team building.

Motivate Your Crew with These Wichita Team Building Activities

Here are five team building events right here in Wichita that will help your team become more tight knit and be more efficient when they are at work.

  1. Go to an escape room
    Taking your crew to an escape room is a fantastic team building activity because it promotes both teamwork and collective problem solving. Our city has a few pretty awesome escape rooms for you to check out; one of our favorites being The Wichita Escape Room.
  2. Have a weekend getaway or a lake day
    Give your employees the chance to relax and have fun by the lake at BrightWater Bay. Located right outside of Wichita, the Beach House at BrightWater Bay sleeps up to 12 and provides the perfect setting for your team to get to know each other in a luxurious homelike setting. You can schedule team building activities during your stay and even get everyone out on the water to waterski! If your workers are a little apprehensive about being away from home for a whole weekend, you can come out for a day and schedule your group activities, utilize our meeting venue or just enjoy the views and learn more about one another. Click here for booking information.
  3. Take your team to a play or musical
    This one isn’t for everyone, but you would be surprised how much fun your team can have going to a play or musical. Wichita has a thriving theater scene and a lot of awesome shows throughout the year. For larger crews, we suggest checking out the Music Theater of Wichita or enjoy dinner and a show at the Mosley Street Melodrama. If your team is on the smaller side, you can see what the Kechi Playhouse or the Wichita Community Theater have and enjoy a more intimate setting.
  4. Volunteer together
    There really is something special about helping out the community as a team through volunteer work. Whether you have a crew of animal lovers, outdoorsy adventurers or civil advocates, there are a ton of local organizations that you can work with. Your team will benefit from this compassionate team building activity and also be able to say that they helped make a difference together.
  5. Organize a scavenger hunt or search for hidden treasure
    This one takes a little bit of work on your end, but you can enlist the help of one or two employees to help you organize a city-wide scavenger hunt. Divide your employees into teams and give them a list of objects to track down or activities to complete around Wichita. You can have them scour museums, local thrift shops, taste a new beer at a brewery and more! If you don’t have the time to organize a full-blown scavenger hunt, you can always have your crew do a little bit of geo-caching and search for hidden treasure.

It is important to have your team interact with each other outside of the workplace and create bonds that carry over into the office. Use these team building ideas to help bring your team together and enjoy a more positive and productive atmosphere in the office.