Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas (That Don’t Involve Vegas)

Popular bachelorette party destinations like Nashville and Las Vegas are a guaranteed good time–for the most part. Unfortunately, they’re not for everyone. If you’re planning a bachelorette party and struggling to come up with unique ideas that are a little more low-key, you’re not alone.

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas in Wichita

Luckily, there are actually quite a few alternatives to the typical nightlife getaway. Here are a few of our favorite unique bachelorette party ideas. Just be sure to take the bride’s personality and interests into consideration as you plan.

Go Glamping

This is definitely an option that isn’t for everyone, but with the right group, it can be a ton of fun. Of course, roughing it isn’t ideal when you’re trying to get the perfect Instagram shots, so we want to make sure we emphasize the “glam” in glamping.

Whether you rent a cabin in the woods or opt for campers and tents, a little time in nature (done the right way) can be just as glamorous as a weekend in the city.

Themed decorations and fresh flowers will be your best friend with this bachelorette party idea. You can create an outdoor oasis with themed cocktails, delicious snacks, and coordinated outfits. Just have fun with it and of course, be sure to include plenty of bachelorette party games to keep everyone busy and entertained.

Have a Lakeside Bachelorette Party

Everything is better by the lake, right? We might be a little biased, but in the summer months, we like to spend as much time near the water as possible. If your crew isn’t into glamping, this is a great alternative that still has that outdoorsy feel without having to give up any modern conveniences – your friend who cannot live without WiFi will thank you. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just one day of bachelorette shenanigans, lakeside parties add a whole new element of fun. Jet skiing, lakeside nautical themes, barbecue, and picnic food… Need we say more?

If you are planning on having a bachelorette weekend in Wichita and think lakeside is the way to go, we highly suggest taking a look at our comfortable lakeside lodging options. You will only be 15 minutes from downtown Wichita, but will feel like you are hundreds of miles away!

Have a Self-Care Sunday Funday

For those that are looking for something on the casual side, an organized Sunday Funday is the ultimate solution.

Plan a brunch with plenty of tasty treats, mimosas (obviously), and a few of the self-care staples. Stay in and save with DIY face masks and plenty of aromatherapy, or opt for a day at the actual spa with the girls for the pinnacle of relaxation.

Go to a Concert

Everyone knows summer is the best time to see live music. Why not incorporate it into your bachelorette party?

Check here to see what live events will be taking place around Wichita. If you find one that everyone can agree on, rent a limousine or party bus for the occasion. This helps keep everyone together, feeling energized, and–most importantly, safe.

Go to an Arcade (or Barcade)

If channeling your inner child sounds like the perfect escape from the day-to-day grind for you and your group of friends, an arcade-themed bachelorette party might be just what you need.

With plenty of games, food, and beverages available, this takes a big load off the party planning. If possible, call ahead to reserve a special table or area for your group. That way, you’ll have plenty of space for photos, gifts, and any other bachelorette activities you want to incorporate. If some of your friends aren’t into arcade games, encourage them to bring their favorite board games and play those at the table! We suggest checking out 1985 Bar + Grill on Maple.

Have an Old School Sleepover

Sleepovers are a rite of passage, but (unfortunately) tying the knot usually means they happen a lot less often. An old school sleepover is a perfect way to get some quality girl time and make the most of that last night of freedom.

To make it extra memorable (and entertaining), pre-decorate a scrapbook for a keepsake photo scavenger hunt. Have everyone take photos throughout the night and load them into a shared folder. In the morning, look back at all the goofy pictures and laugh, pick which pictures to print, and add them to the scrapbook. You can give this to the bride on her big day.

As you can see, it isn’t too hard to plan an awesome bachelorette party right here in Wichita. All you have to do is decide which idea works best for you and your group!





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