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5 Team Building Activities in Wichita

As a company leader, you understand the importance of having a cohesive team that is productive. Something that affects productivity is how well your workers communicate and get along with one another. A great way to promote these healthy working relationships is...

5 Ideas for Your Wichita Staycation

So, we all need a little break from our busy lives. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or money to spend a week in the bahamas. Just because you don’t have the ability to fly hundreds of miles away, doesn’t mean that you can’t kick back and relax by having a...

5 Ideas for a Memorable Lakeside Wedding

When you plan a lakeside wedding you can incorporate the laid-back lakeside theme into your entire day by doing things like making an entrance on a boat or in a canoe, having your photos taken on a boat, or having a “guest book” that is an anchor or oar.

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