5 Ideas for a Memorable Lakeside Wedding

When you plan a lakeside wedding you can incorporate the laid-back lakeside theme into your entire day by doing things like making an entrance on a boat or in a canoe, having your photos taken on a boat, or having a “guest book” that is an anchor or oar.

5 Creative Lakeside Wedding Ideas

Pinterest is brimming with ideas on how to make the best of an outdoor, waterfront atmosphere when it comes to your special day. Here are a few ways to make the most of your lakeside wedding venue.

1. Sail your way to ‘happily ever after’

Incorporate the water most on your lake-themed special day.

Make an entrance by boat or canoe

Every bride dreams of how she will make her grand entrance. Arriving to your wedding ceremony by boat or canoe is one way to make that moment unforgettable.

The canoe drink cooler

Fill a wooden canoe with ice and dump in all drinks for guests to choose from. This is a cute and creative way to bring the best elements of the lake to the land for your big day and you won’t have to rent out a full bar or use an unsightly cooler.

2. Bring the lake into your photos

Don’t just get married near the lake—make it an integral part of your event. Here are some of our favorite ways to draw in the tides for the most memorable ‘I dos.’

Have a photoshoot on the water

If you’re getting married by the lake, take advantage of the waterside scenery. Plan for some sunset photos by the dock, on the pier, or along the shoreline. If you’re feeling a little more creative, snap some newlywed shots in a boat or canoe.

Skip the boat and jump in

Instead of just taking your wedding photos near the water, or while floating in a boat, why not jump in? This is perhaps the most dramatic way to incorporate the lake into your special event, and you and your guests are bound to remember you jumping into the lake for a lifetime.

You can take this to the next level and get some photos while you are airborne and jumping off the pier, or stand in a more shallow area, capturing awesome sunset views while waist or ankle-deep.

If you’re worried about your dress getting wet, have your significant other pick you up to minimize the dampness. It might seem a little crazy, but the pictures you’ll get in the end are so worth it.

3. Say your vows by the shore

One of the most obvious ways to bring the lake into your waterfront wedding is to have your ceremony near the pier or on the beach. Whether you choose to stand on the dock to say your vows, or you place an awning near the water, having the water in the background will make the moment all the more beautiful.

4. Lavish lakeside lighting and decor

Incorporate the coastal elements into your decorations and lighting to bring your theme full circle. Some of our favorite lake-inspired decor ideas have included:

  • Seashell inspired centerpieces
  • Summer camp-style signs marking the entrance
  • Miniature wooden canoe keepsakes, with the couple’s initials carved on them
  • Sand and flower-filled centerpieces
  • Anchor-inspired wooden keepsakes
  • Flower crowns
  • Green, floral vines instead of traditional table runners

5. Lake themed guest book ideas

The guestbook is always a fun way to get creative with your ceremony. Luckily, there is no shortage of affordable and unique handmade keepsakes to choose from on Etsy.

Here are a few of our favorite alternative guestbook ideas for lake weddings:

  • A bench, or a large piece of wood, hand painted with the couples name for guests to sign
  • A hand-carved, wooden anchor for signatures
  • A large wooden letter (the first letter of the couples last name) prepped for guest names and entries

Life by the lake is both scenic and relaxed. Lake weddings bring out all the best parts of the laid back, lakeside lifestyle. The result is a beautiful, memorable event that feels like a lot like a really great summer vacation.

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