So, we all need a little break from our busy lives. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or money to spend a week in the bahamas. Just because you don’t have the ability to fly hundreds of miles away, doesn’t mean that you can’t kick back and relax by having a mini Wichita staycation.

Have a Wichita Staycation the Right Way

First and foremost, this is a list of suggestions. A staycation can really be whatever you want it to be. If your thing is staying home and reading with your cat on your lap, by all means crack open that great book and cuddle with your furry friend. However, for those of you looking for something a bit different, here are some pretty great staycation ideas right here in town.

  1. Head to the Spa
    Who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering every once in awhile? This is a great option for those of you who only have a few hours of staycation time. You can choose from a variety of spas in the Wichita area and customize your service packages based on how much time you have. Only have 2 hours? Go for a manicure and pedicure. If you have all day, treat yourself to a massage, facial, hair services and anything else you want. We highly suggest you check out Beau Monde Spa and Boutique. They have two locations on the east and west sides of town so you can book your appointment at the one closest to your home.
  2. Have a Mini Lakeside Getaway
    Need more than just a few hours of you time? The Beach House at BrightWater Bay might be the perfect place for your staycation. Surrounded by a relaxing private lake, 44 acres of calm water, beautiful trees and sandy beaches, this is the place for those who really want to relax and unwind over the weekend. The Beach House has 2 full bedrooms and can comfortably sleep up to 11 people, but it is also the perfect place for you to enjoy some time to yourself. Know someone who could really use a staycation? Click here to order a Brightwater Bay gift card today!
  3. Visit the Gardens at Botanica
    Botanica is a great place to spend some staycation time. There are many different gardens for you to walk through and explore featuring relaxing water features, beautiful flowers, and impressive statues surrounded by lush greenery. Take your time and sit by the koi ponds, enjoy the butterfly garden, or enjoy the oasis-like environment that The Frances Lattner Wildflower Woodland has to offer. Wherever you decide to wander on Botanica’s 17 acres of land, you will definitely come out feeling both refreshed and calm.
  4. Head to the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum
    Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum is great for local history buffs who want a little learning to go along with their staycation. Located in Wichita’s original city hall, you can step back in time and see what life was like in Wichita centuries ago and how it came to be what it is today.
  5. Treat Yourself to Something Delicious
    Wichita has so many awesome eateries, coffee shops, and wine and cocktail bars to check out. You may already have a favorite in mind, but we highly suggest trying a new spot. Your staycation is all about treating yourself to things you enjoy and doing things outside of your normal routine! Whether you want a full-blown fine dining experience or just want to enjoy a delicious espresso while you read, there is a place that can cater to what you are looking for.

Staycations are about relaxing and enjoying yourself right here at home, so no matter what you like to do or what you find relaxing, we highly suggest treating yourself to a staycation soon – you deserve it!